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There’s a Porsche 935 K4 somewhere in there…

Sports Car Racing Legends

Meat is the Special of the Day

Real race cars don’t need wind tunnels or CFD

Back in the day, when aero testing was done with tape, strings and on the street.  Like a boss.

The Family Stable

Fuck yo shit, I’m at the Nurburgring.

Impending apocalypse? Buy an Aventador!

Yes, it’s real.

No, Doc Hudson wasn’t just some fictitious character in Cars.  He was actually based off a real 1950’s Hudson Hornet that competed in the NASCAR Grand National Series and some AAA stock car series, back when stock car racing…you know, actually involved STOCK cars and not tube-frame plastic shells with stickers all over them.

BMW Motorsport @ Le Mans 24 Hours Test Day

Small, lightweight chassis + Inline-four heater = Magical.

It’s the Germans vs. Japanese vs. Italians. It can only mean one thing: intense racing.

The shots are from the 2010 Monterey Motorsports Reunion.

Countryside Crusin’

The Fastest Sedan in America

‎”If you put an F1 car and a premium sedan in a blender, the M3 would be the cocktail that pours out. Mmmm, nothing else like it. A toast then: To the BMW M3, the greatest all-around car in the world.”

- Arthur St. Antone, Motor Trend

Like putting a fish in water…

The Lancia Stratos doing what it does best.

Let there be light…

Through the Countryside

Renault Alpine A110

Herp Derp

My apologies for the lack of an update today.  I’m currently out of town for the Long Beach Grand Prix, so no updates until Monday!  :)

Everyone loves an Aston dressed in Gulf

2011 BMW Z4 GT3

Hunkered Down on Classics

Staring at the Bull

I believe I can fly…

Blazing Through the Night

Triple Threat

It’s not everyday you get to see one M3 GTS, let alone three.

Work’ed up MR2


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