German Perfection

The Power of Diesel

This is the 5.5-litre HDi (High-Pressure Direct Injection) FAP (The diesel particulate filter) Twin-Turbocharged V12.  In order to lower the center of gravity of the 908 Prototype, the two banks of cylinders are at 100 degrees rather than the traditional 90.  Power output has been rated at 730hp and 890lb/ft of torque.

This engine has been in use since the 908’s introduction in 2007, but for the 2011 Le Mans season Peugeot will be bringing out a new weapon to combat Audi and a new engine that conforms to the 2011 rules will be introduced.  This might have only brought Peugeot one win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but you’d be a fool to dismiss it as anything less than a technological marvel (even for something powered by the fuel of Satan :P).


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