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Outta Time!

One of my favorite trilogies from when I was younger.  Found this on Jalopnik, this is easily the best Back to the Future DeLorean replica I’ve ever seen.  Everything is pretty much spot on.

The car in question, a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12, was built by Gary Weaver, a Back to the Future enthusiast widely hailed as the leading authority on DeLorean time-machine replicas. (There’s an authority on such things? Who knew?) Weaver has an extensive connection to the BTTF brand; he owns and is often described as the go-to guy for parts sourcing and true-to-film accuracy.

The car you see here is the result of six years of research, not to mention countless hours of painstaking construction. It was built on commission for a California owner who requested that no expense be spared and no corners be cut. Everything from the 95-mph speedometer (U.S.-spec DMC-12s are equipped with an 85-mph unit) to the programmable time circuits (they light up and make the proper sheeow noise) is blindingly accurate. Here are a few of the key details, borrowed from the auction’s description:

• Built on a beautiful, super-clean, stock 1981 5-speed DMC-12 with over $16,000 of mechanical work and upgrades performed at DMC California in September of 2008. Approx. 78K miles on vehicle.
• Programmable time circuits which function just like those in the film.
• Functioning digital speedometer on the dashboard (reads actual vehicle speed).
• Main Time Circuit switch functions just like in the film, with all sound effects.
• All interior indicators and switches light up, just like in the film.
• Sound effects upon door opening.
• Screen-accurate “OUTATIME” metal-stamped license plate with 1986 registration tag.
• Eagle Goodyear GT tires, as seen in the film (not pictured).

Yeah, we know: Ninety grand for a kitbashed DeLorean is one hell of a lot of money, and by and large, movie cars are pretty stupid. Think of what you’re getting, though — this isn’t just a period piece. This is one of the few film vehicles that transcends the movie it appeared in. It speaks to you. It means something. It doesn’t hate manure.



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