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Mmm…those trees sure look comfortable.

Imagine piloting a posh shopping trolley at breakneck speeds and you have some idea of 1960s racing.

This unscientific but largely plausible fact comes courtesy of today’s video; on-board footage of a camera-car valiantly attempting to keep up with Hubert Hahne.

Old Hubes, as we shall now call him (because he is actually old), used to race forBMW in F2 back when the ’Ring allowed the series to run alongside F1. Here he pilots a BMW-Lola 2.0-litre 16v F2 car around the old Nurburgring’s 174 bends.

Look at the tyres! Won’t someone think of the tyres! Watch the video closely and you will instantly learn the Official Guidelines on Testicular Circumference For Racing in the 60s.

Racing then really was a balls-to-the-wall marriage of going fast and not dying, compared to today’s racing which is a millimetre-precise marriage of physics and engineering.

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