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Vive la France!

In case it’s hard to tell, the livery is a map of France.


The Uncle and the Nephew

It’s a shame Bruno Senna was dropped from HRT for the 2011 F1 season.  He isn’t the most complete, nor experienced driver, but he still has talent and something to bring to F1.  He can’t be completely blamed for his lackluster 2010 season either (it was just as confusing as Schumacher’s performance), HRT has quite a bit of blame to shoulder for providing a less than complete car. Like I’ve always said, Bernie needs to lift the ban on testing, especially if he wants the backmarker teams to have a chance of competing with the big dogs.

Well, here’s to the 2011 season.  That is if HRT can even join the grid when the season starts.  I hear they’ve been having some financial problems…